Dress Etiquette: The Best Fashion Ideas For Women When Travelling To Conservative Countries

As female travelers going to some conservative countries can be challenging, it is a good idea that you attempt to dress appropriately more than you would wear at home. It might require you more effort, but it is necessary.

Of course, you do not want to attract attention and get rude comments from the males, right? By dressing correctly, it will help you to stay away from these circumstances where you begin to feel awkward and unsafe. Either you agree or not with their customs it is pointless.The Best Fashion Ideas For Women When Travelling To Conservative Countries

As guests, you have the responsibility to be courteous to the culture and to do research before you come to a destination. Wearing tight fitting clothes or displaying too much skin is a big no. Showing too much is disrespectful and rude. For a little help, here are some of the best fashion ideas when traveling to a conservative place.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses are excellent choices for conservative countries. They look stylish and are comfortable without displaying too much skin. It is an essential clothing that women travelers must have. Put on a vibrant waistcoat and open-toed sandals to accomplish the look.

These type of dresses are the best choice for you. But if it is not possible to wear maxi dresses and you prefer to wear dresses that are above the knees, then it is smart to wear leggings beneath.

Opting for a maxi dress is ideal because of its length, breathability, and lightweight fabrics. That is why it is sure to stay covered while being cool. These dresses can go with a blouse, denim jacket, and pashmina. It serves as a double purpose dress too because you can wear it in non-conservative places.

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Scarves and Shawls

A scarf is undoubtedly the most trendy accessory for traveling. It provides you an additional style without the need to overpack. You can opt for a pashmina shawl or a large scarf in a lightweight fabric.

Scarves and Shawls are essential pieces of clothing because it allows you to dress up modestly in countries that have strict dress codes without wearing heavy clothing and all the while keeping it fresh. You can wear it over your shoulders, making sure that it is well covered.

A scarf is also a good item because it covers that revealing cleavage of yours. Select those pieces that are big enough to wrap up that chest when needed and opt for scarves that has an excellent splash of color to help boost your travel attires.Scarves and Shawls

Breathable Shoes

Sandals and sneakers are your best choice when it comes to determining what shoes to pack. Ensure that they are more than adequate to wear not to ruin your trip to other countries. In line with the swift change in the temperature, the brilliant items to bring are breathable and lightweight shoes.

In the temples in Burma and Thailand, you are required to remove your shoes, so sandals are an appropriate choice when examining these sites. But be careful, in some countries they are not comfortable with you showing your soles because they believe that it is rude and disrespectful. Make sure to research first before you arrive at your destination.

Long Sleeve Button Up

A long sleeve button up shirt is a must-have for most of your trips abroad. It offers you an additional option by allowing it to wear as a light jacket or as a breathable protection over a tank top.

Most of the conservative countries demand you to cover your shoulders up to your knees. This type of women’s clothing makes it simple for you to put over your shoulder and take it off when no longer needed.

A Perfect Pair Of Leggings

A pair of leggings is perfect to wear under short dresses or skirts. Leggings made out of cotton is recommendable in hotter places for a more breathable outfit. It gives you a more modest option to wear in a conservative country.A Perfect Pair Of Leggings

It doesn’t have the best fame for being stylish but is good for not upsetting any locals who you can come across. When correctly paired,  it can be a comfortable alternative to jeans. Wear them with confidence while looking chic.


When traveling, choosing to dress modestly requires a dose of creativity. It is not that hard. It just needs some research and patience that will work best for your lifestyle and the destination you are visiting.

For some cases, women travelers should abide by the different customs that deal with respect especially in some conservative countries. You may think that you have not disrespected anyone, and you are confident in wearing clothes which you wear in your healthy life, but that is not the case. Do some research concerning the proper attire when traveling to avoid any dangerous situations when you arrive.

Maxi dresses, scarves and shawls, breathable shoes, long sleeve button up shirt, and a pair of leggings are some of the best fashion ideas when visiting a conservative country. Try wearing them when visiting one to get a good impression from the locals.

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