Booking Ba Na tour to comtemplate thousands kinds of flowers

There are many people coming to Ba Na Hill to have a good time, immerse in bustling festivals; take a rest in the atmosphere of Europe. For me, I love Ba Na because of wonderful and rare color of flowers, which are only in little places.

To make sure that my trips are always convenient and safe, I chose Quang Da Travel as “my partner” on the trip to Ba Na – (1). Through that trip, I satisfied with serving attitudes, enthusiasms of tour stalls. If you intend to have a trip to Ba Na Hills, I advise you to choose Quang Da Travel for a full trip.

Ba Na Hill Flower Garden

The amorous beauty of beautiful flower colors in the heart of Ba Na

Named as flower sanctuary, Ba Na has more 100 kinds of specific flowers in many areas, which bloom in turn on each season on the top and Ba Na becomes a paradise of flowers on clouds.

Every year, Ba Na is changed and designed in a new style to bring tourists memorable experiences with a variety of flower colors such as geraniums, amplexicaul tea, flowers of millions of bells, pansee,… They stand out in sunlight,

are timid in the morning dew, radiant in smiles of children or happy couples… Ten thousand flower blossoms and make Ba Na turn into a striking picture. If you want to contemplate beauties of these flowers, you should go to France Village.

If you love the peaceful feeling, when coming to spirit places, you will feel the beauty of peach blossoms, lotus flowers, especially at here there are more 200 Japanese peach trees.

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Standing at space of Ba Na, you will have sensation of losing in a corner of Paris Park. Hydrangeas with big anatomy, color changes in each different period of growing and become “hegemony” of this land of thousands of flowers. With special beauty, hydrangeas of this place impress all people who go through and see them.

Tourist attractions where many tourists check in and take photos may be Morin hotel where has hundreds of kinds of flowers designed very subtle and decorated harmoniously on each theme. Photos were taken here, which always have strong attractions, so this is considered one of the virtual places of teenagers, if you want to have with millions of likes, when that this is the place you should not miss.

If you have come to Ba Na many times, you will have different and new motions in each time you come here. Morin hotel’s campus is packed with a colorful appearance with art flower model decorated very cleverly and sophisticatedly.

The famous France Village with 5 specific spaces of flowers. Walls of Kazkaz Vista restaurant cover with colors of begonias, impatiens. The romantic Europe streets mixed with many colors such as red, dark pink, purple, orange. Yellow Flower’s Street stretching from church to flower shops in romantic yellow.

To have a paradise of fascinating flowers, this resort has efforted much. In the bad condition of weather as hot or very cold weather, People of Ba Na have worked very hard to research and grow new kinds of flowers. And in one year, Ba Na will have a new appearance.

Because of assiduous gardeners, the flowers of this land – named as paradise of entertainment can be not only grown in bad weather, they but also blossom every year.

The flowers are very beautiful and big and blossom in a long time.

People of Ba Na create new specific and rare kinds of flowers day by day for land on clouds. All these things make Ba Na become the homeland of thousands of flowers during 4 seasons.

If you love flowers, you should book ba na hill tour in March, because in this time, flower blossom very beautifully and you are surely interested in them. Read more infor by Quang Da Travel

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