Best Places to Take A Helicopter Tour That You Will Never Forget

If adventure is what you’re looking for, there is no better way to spend your holiday vacation and marvel at the wonders of nature through a helicopter ride. Envision flying among the clouds as you fly through the sky with a helicopter as the incredible views blow your mind. Bring your vacation escapade to a new height, a thousand feet up in a revolving flying machine.

It may be loud and annoying, but a helicopter ride will always be the most memorable experience from any vacation that you will have in your life. These are the best destinations to take a helicopter ride and see all those beautiful things from above.

Best Places to Take A Helicopter Tour That You Will Never Forget

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the best helicopter tour destinations that you must include on your bucket list, with plenty to see and discover in a short ride. From the Vegas strip going to the Hoover Dam to the patriarch of them all, the Grand Canyon. A helicopter ride is the only way to see the most beautiful Grand Canyon in all its majesty and glory.

The Grand Canyon is more than 270 miles in length and can be 15 miles over. It is something that needs a fantastic helicopter to see it completely. Much the same as Gilligan’s Island, all you require is a three-hour visit, and you can see all that you need.

 New York City

New York City is also one of the mega-metropolis city that most people love to visit and never have enough time to explore it all when they visit. If you need to see how gigantic NYC is, you need to see it from a helicopter.

New York City

Envision flying between the high rises and skyscrapers, above the park and around the Statue of Liberty. New York is such a broad and expansive city. It’s very difficult to get everything in one trip. However, an extraordinary approach to look at it is a couple of hundred feet up, in a whirlybird.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s Wonderful City might be difficult to process at any stature. From the shorelines of Ipanema and Copacabana going to the 220th step at the bottom of Cristo Redentor in light of Corcovado mountain, to the nation’s most prominent soccer stadium and current formal host of the 2016 Summer Olympics and everywhere that you like.

Only a helicopter ride can pass through the most amazing, legendary and multi-finished urban scenes on earth that can quickly tour the travelers.

Helisight’s seven chopper courses start with a 10 minutes ride along the shorelines from either Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon or Sugar Loaf.

Flight times and costs would go up from that point, peaking with the Goliath of Rio flightseeing-bucket-listers. You will experience an hour long of panoramic flight which culminates in hovering the world’s most significant and most conspicuous Art Deco statue in the greatest urban rainforest on the planet.

Flights are always being paused during the Paralympic Games and Olympic Games, but will automatically resume after the sporting action has finished.

 Niagara Falls

Most of the people will tell you that the best view of Niagara Falls is from riding a boat in the water beneath the falls. Yes, it might be. But, some claimed that the best view is from a helicopter. Niagara Falls is a monstrous sight to see, and with every visitors that stick the site, it can be hard to have an immaculate vantage point.

Niagara Falls

If you want the best and amazing view that is unforgettable, you must visit and see the falls from a helicopter view. Imagine the immense and boundless beauty of something powerful as this falls seen from the sky in the peace of a flying helicopter.

Ba Na Tours at Vietnam

 Kauai, Hawaii

If you have seen and witness the beginning scene of the Jurassic Park, then you already know that on Kauai there are waterfalls that is only accessible by a helicopter. Kauai is known as the garden island since it’s so lavish and just 20% of the island is available via land travel. The island has lots of amazing sights that you can only see and discover by helicopter flight.

The Na Pali Coast is located on the Western side of the Island and portrayed by the large, steep mountains which covered in ferns. The whole side of the island is inaccessible via auto, and a helicopter is the only best way to see it, or you can navigate the 17 miles all over a two-day climb and hike.

The Waimea Canyon is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific because of its enormous and magnificent view. Furthermore, there are twelve mega waterfalls that you need to see from a helicopter.


Always keep in mind that going on a helicopter ride is more fun than going by land because of its magnificent bird’s eye view. You can see all the fantastic things that you can’t view by land. Helicopter rides will not just give you a one of a kind sight of a city or an area because they are also adding exciting, thrilling and entertaining adventures. Also, helicopter tours are regularly the primary way you can appreciate to seeing more remote areas.


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