Helix Vs Purple Mattress Comparison. Who is Best?


In the research work that involved in comparing the status of mattresses, we are now going to compare Purple Mattress with another well-known brand – Helix. Follow all mattress under 500 dollars at https://sidesleeperreviews.com/best-mattress-under-500/

Through scaling of the features and other attributes that these mattresses possess, it will be a mission of this article to establish a trustable relationship between these two and recommendation for use too.

Helix Vs Purple Mattress Comparison

The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

The Purple Bed Queen Size Mattress is a comfortable and attractive quality type. It is possessed with a unique configuration that shares to relaxed sleeps at night. The combination of foam and hyper-elastic material goes to bring about a feel that is a rare one and help to displace body weight evenly throughout the mattress. This mattress is presented with some sort of quasi medium firmness. The Smart Grid design helps to get the consumers the best and acquired soft and firmness as and when required.

Find a Best Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress acts to support the whole body. This mattress is ideal for a back or side sleeper. The top layer can dissipate pressure between the mattresses and there will be perfect spinal alignment. For sleepers with lighter composition, the feel will resemble to that of floating with little body contouring. The medium weight sleepers will sink deep into the foam and polymer combination and thus the mattress will provide with the feeling of hugging. For heavyweight people, the mattress will present a greater level of contour.


  • This mattress produce more than even bounce when compared to a traditional Memory Foam. Yet, it is able to transfer minimal motion
  • It is able to provide a cooler sleep than maximum varieties of Memory Foam mattresses available in the market
  • This mattress provides sort of unique balance between soft and firmness. This property helps to dissipate pressure and bring about perfect spinal alignment.
  • The pressure points are effectively reduced to cause a comfortable sleep.
  • They provide solutions for back and neck pains too.
  • Price offered is negligible if the values obtained is considered


  • Poor edge support is often prejudiced.
  • smaller size make it inaccessible for oversized people
  • The Grid construction has made the mattress exceptionally heavy up to 140 lbs.

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Helix Sleep Custom Mattress – 10 Inch, Queen Size

This mattress is a complete innovative personalized version. It is designed on the basis of researches just to enable the user have best quality sleep. This is backed by cutting-edge technology. The craftsman will build one to fit for a maximum of two persons. It is constituted by 10 inch premium quality materials. This material constitutes Helix Dynamic Foam, Micro-coils, and CentPur-US certified polyurethane foam which belongs to top grade. All these are able to bring about an ideal comfort and support too.

Sleep Hacks with Purple vs Helix Mattress

These mattresses are seen to fit any standard Queen Size bed frame. The measurement of firmness is not so easy to go with. All Helix Mattress are made on the basis of the user’s specific requirement, desires and need. The purchaser will have to fill up a questionnaire that will ask about the desired support, firmness, cooling, sleeping positions, and medical situations besides other relevant questions. But it is to be noted that default firmness provided by these mattresses belong to medium-firm quality.

But they can be customized according to the personalized requirement of the purchaser. The manufacturing company offers the products on a direct factory base. Thus, there is no existence of any mediocre person and portion of savings pass on to the customers.  These mattresses feature a free trial for 100 days. Further, there is a limited warranty covering issues like indentations and lack of support and the term is 10 years.


  • The mattress is capable to provide solution for back problems and every sort of body aches.
  • The customer service is an excellent one with the company
  • The off-gassing, i.e. the release of odor while opening is minimal
  • The provision of isolated motion helps sleeping partner get a perturbed-free night.
  • The price is negligible in respect to service available
  • The mattress works well on most flat surfaces including floor, slats and platform beds.


  • Cover provided with the product is too thin and bunches.
  • Prejudices are there against having desired firmness despite opting for customized product.
  • It is said in the advertisement that the mattress does not require any pad. But in reality, they suggest and sometimes insist on getting one. But, it is okay for people having children.

Who is Best between Helix vs Purple?

You are thinking Choose Purple vs Helix? On the basis of assessment of these two mattresses, the solution is quite spontaneous. Both of the product offer medium firmness and both can help in diluting ache problems. But, Helix mattress can be available in customized options, while the Purples are unfit for oversized people. Since, both of them are offered at very low rate, I will always recommend for Helix than Purple.

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