6 Splashy D.I.Y. Ways On How To Paint Your Home Like A Pro

There’s no place like home. Your house is the most comfortable place where you can do anything without thinking about all the stress in the world. It’s where you feel free, cozy, and most of all feel the love of your family.

While you are staying in the comfort of your home, it is also best to get away with the usual stress of everyday. Try painting your house new colors so that you’ll feel refreshed. No matter how small or big your place is, it can be enticing for someone if you choose the best colors for both of your exterior and interior paintings.

Do-it-yourself home improvement ideas such as painting your house are the most affordable way of freshening up your home. Take a look at the suggestions listed below to find out the best tips on how to improve your home and paint like a pro.

Prepare the Surfaces.

To have a successful painting job it’s crucial to prepare the surface you are going to paint. To prepare the surfaces, you need to scrape, patch and sand. Also, if there are holes, dents, cracks, and surface imperfections, you need to fill it to avoid uneven paint surfaces.

It might not be the fun part of the whole painting process, but this is the most essential. No matter how expensive and durable your painting materials are, it won’t work until you get the smoothest surface you need to paint.

Don’t Forget to Tint the Primers.

Primers function in three ways. First, it helps the stains from bleeding. Second, you get a one coverage coating for each paint, and lastly, which is the most important, it reduces peeling and blisters by improving the paint’s adhesion.

Priming the surfaces the needs to be painted is a mandatory requirement if you want to get the best painting results because this will help your paints last longer than you think it could.

Use a Canvas.

When it comes to protecting your flooring with paint dents, most people use plastic drop clothes to get away with this. Plastic drop cloths can be hazardous because you might slip on it while it’s laid on the floor.

Consequently, canvas drop cloths are good alternatives to protect paint marks. They are durable and rip-resistant. Most importantly, they just lay flat, and you won’t be afraid of walking across them because you won’t slip away.

In additions, canvas cloths are easy to fold compared to plastic materials. It is reusable; thus, if you a next painting project, you don’t need to worry about securing another canvas to use.

Use a Pole as an Extension.

Poles are a great tool when it comes to producing high-quality painting walls. Forget about the step ladders that you traditionally use because you exert more effort when painting. Use poles that are soft. The pole grip should be non-slip and have a solid metal core so you can better use it on far reaching parts of the wall.

Work with Paint Grids.

Instead of rolling paint on plastic, use paint grids. Using plastic can be messy and futile while paint grids are a much cleaner and savvy way of reducing paint clutters.

A paint grid is a rectangular metal or plastic screen which you can effortlessly hook around the bucket rim allowing you to get a free estimate of paint solution you are going to use.

Afterwork Storage.

Painting your home can be exhausting, and it’s something that can’t be done in just one day. That said, you have to bear in mind cleaning your painting tools the easiest way as possible because you still have the rest of the day to get the job done.

Merely roll off the paint residues, and tightly wrap the brush and the rollers using a plastic food wrap. If possible, you can refrigerate your brush and rollers overnight. It may sound crazy, but it’s a right way of keeping your rollers and brushes fresh.


Freshening up your home using colorful paint is an excellent way of making it presentable and elegant. No matter how big, small, cheap, or expensive your house is, the best way to look it more attractive is to have the best wall and ceiling paints on it.

One way or another, an attractive and colorful home makes you feel happier, cozier, and most of all a splendid place to live.

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