Chic kitchen design for your kitchen decor inspiration

The kitchen where you can spark creativity and the way you decorate it will influence on your whole your home decoration. Some chic designing ways help you inspire. Let’s check out these kitchen designs and unique decoration below!Chic kitchen design for your kitchen decor inspiration

Brightness, tidiness

Brightness, as well as tidiness, are important factors of the kitchen. The owner of this house is Mrs. Michele and Mr. Jeff, live in Portland, Oregon State, United State. Being a big fan of simplicity, the couple creates a brilliant cooking area. This design was originated by sunlight catching the view .  The combination of white color and natural wood for the floor as well as cabinets bring you both communicating nature and harmony. L shape designs combined with supple curves. Instead of showing household commodities, it decorated by ornamental trees, hanging fruit baskets.

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Modern kitchen which is facilitated every staff

To be contrast to Michele and Jeff, Melissa and Ulises living in Harrison Hill ( Boston, Massachusetts, American) trend towards showing everything which a modern kitchen has.   They would like to choose the neutral grey color so they eventually decide this to be the main color. This offers a glamorous air.Modern kitchen which is facilitated every staff

The kitchen is designed I shape, table, cabinet, and furnishings arranged in a row help housewife to manipulate easily. Large space is an advantage that every staff showed in a clean-limbed way. It is ideal to read books in the waiting time for done cooking meals.

Ideal kitchen for a single girl

Cate, who is a single girl, lives in a rental department located in Bloomsbury, London, United Kingdom. Because of limited area, about 60 metes square, it is difficult to design in a good way to equalize bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen… Cate creates her small kitchen with tidiness and glamorous beauty. The cooking area just allocates 8 metes but fully facilitated.  Ideal kitchen for a single girl

Cate opts out a vibrant Shelf and stored cabinet. Every mete is taken use of effectively. Much limited space, Cate does not disregard of decorating element. A black table is arranged for her to list daily work. Sweet pictures stick in the frame to spark the wall. The geometric pattern is organized in an eye_catching way makes her kitchen more unique. Cate’s design definitely is your inspiration, single girl! These designing kitchen lifestyles hope to give you inspiration for interior staff which suits your location. That idea will obviously make your space feel twice as big.

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Some elements build a perfect kitchen

One of the most concerned elements is the countertop. People will focus on products which are able to resist scratch and protect from the fire well. Nowadays, there is variety of countertop featuring many strengths to choose in the market. How to choose a countertop which ensures both aesthetic and qualifying factors. There is no limit in choosing a countertop but you have to constrain yourself to any rules when placing things or choosing objects but I like to stick to some basic principles to make things easier. Some elements build a perfect kitchen

Admittedly, our own kitchen with the styling of countertops can breathe so much life into the kitchen, not to mention make you feel organized. Not only people who are doing construction for the kitchen but the ones who intend to remodel this space, it ensures that doing a kitchen styling refresh every once in a while can really change how space feels, especially your countertop, which can change your kitchen atmosphere. It is hard to opt out countertop because of material as well as color.

Which suit your whole color of kitchen air and whether its durability lasts in a long term. You would rather make the most of your kitchen countertops and shelves open to put the using staffs. Using elements that are both functional and beautiful is a great cheat. Natural elements bring a lovely warmth, especially when paired with ceramics and metallics.

Besides the countertop, it is important to remodel or go for shopping the styled shelves. Perhaps you’ve moved things around probably 10 times since we finished our remodel. I like to keep cutting boards, serving boards, and utensils right next to the stove top for ease. Everything else I put up on shelves or in cabinets to avoid clutter. Logical arrangement definitely helps you to have a perfect atmosphere. You and your family can enjoy every moment in the kitchen.

Light is also an important element to build a cozy room for a family as well new weds. The evening is time to get cozy and cook a nice meal after feeling exhausted. Warm lights help you all to have a fabulous evening together. Recessed lighting is not a new idea but used popularly. The kitchen where you can spark your new cooking ideas and originate nice meals for the whole family, people who you love the most, so that don’t forget to decorate your atmosphere properly. Expert’s advice hopes to help you spark some new ideas and build a dream kitchen.

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