5 types of ornamental fish less need to change water or clean up

The main objective of this article is to: Introduce some aquariums that require little water change or regular tank cleaning, saving you time and energy. While assembling an aquarium, the introduction of the freshwater aquarium plant is suggested; this helps in the natural filtration and keeps the fishes healthy. After setting up your aquarium, the next step (especially for novice beginners enjoying this elegant pleasure) is to choose fish to feed. Among the tips, tips, experience, etc. when choosing to buy fish, certainly select the species which is both lovely and easy to feed but less care, cleaning should be noted first page Is not it? Below are some of the fish species that we recommend to you. Read to choose which baby fish will stick with me the most.

5 types of ornamental fish

5 types of ornamental fish less need to change water or clean up

As a beginner to fish, one of the most important factors in choosing fish is finding a fish that will save you time and effort. When starting any hobby you need to make sure that you will not invest too much time in them, especially in the early stages. This is a mistake that almost anyone is getting started easily.

Five species of fish that require little care (little water change, occasional cleaning) you should feed

To reduce headaches when listing fish breeds, select fish species with available characteristics and find the best care instead of taking care of them.

Below is a list of the five fish species that need to be replaced with water or clean the most should be given priority for new entrants into the aquarium.

Siamese fish

Siamese Betta (Betta fish, Golden Betta) is one of the few fish species to take care of most. Not only that, the color of Siamese Cats is quite diverse in many different sizes. In particular, the males have fins, long tails and more gorgeous. Because the tails and fins of Siamese Cats are large, you need to be careful to share them with other species because they can be attacked.

Siamese fish

According to the call “wild game”, Siamese cats are considered very aggressive fish, they fight with all the same species so absolutely you need to keep each at an individual distance. Relatively speaking, Siamese cobia is a very healthy fish, reproducing well, in addition to the normal fish meal they also chopped whole fresh fish meat.

Dutch fish (Mullet, Pomegranate fish)

If you want to breed a variety of different colors, Dutch Fish is the perfect choice for you. They are very colorful and colorful, attractive, characteristic of them after mating, Dutch baby will have new colors, matching colors from both parents. This diversity, enough to satisfy each judge’s fish taste right?

Dutch fish are also known to be easily integrated with other fish species, including those that prefer to sway only one place. Thanks to the habit to give birth, Dutch fish is quite fertile. But you need to pay attention in their breeding season because the newly hatched fry can become a lucrative source of food for other fish.

In terms of food, Dutch fish eat most types of food from cold to dry, from ready-to-eat fish to algae in aquariums. Look at the shape of the fish; you think the whole ecosystem in the tank is the “green” work of the hardworking workers, clean up this hand – the workers contribute to the beauty of the tank fish.

Pacific Fish

And if you’re looking for something like a fish or a herd, do not forget the Blackfish from the list. Although the Blackfish is passive, it does not like to move but Blackfish is especially suitable for breeding in a variety of aquatic environments. Besides the advantages of adaptability, Binh Tich fish is also very useful and suitable for breeding with other ornamental fish. Like Dutch fish, Black Sea fish also have the habit of giving birth. However, their only difference to other species is that they can eat their offspring only if there is not much vegetation in the tank for the fish to hide.


As close relatives to Dutch fish, the shape of swordfish with long tail drags straight along the abdomen like a blade, making them look hard to close to the real nature. So that’s why they are named. Swordfish, Although the name “Swordfish” suggests the feeling of aggression about them, in fact, they are very gentle, calm. Color Swordfish is similar to other ornamental fish, they have many colors.

Another advantage is enough convincing to prioritize when choosing fish, especially for those who still have wet feet, which is relatively long life.

Fish coloring

Last but not least in this list, which is also the most popular aquarium fish, is the Seven Seas. With colorful and small size easy to keep in a mini tank without oxygen, is a difficult choice to ignore for new fish players.

Selecting any one from the recommended fishes can prove to be an appropriate choice for the beginners. While keeping a fish as your pet, it is important to take care of their habitat and hygiene. If something goes wrong, they will let you know with their behavior. Therefore, noticing their movement and behavior can be fruitful. If you provide the fish everything it needs to survive, in return you will get long term friendship and entertainment.



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