In 1982, Joe and Vinnie Fabrocini opened an Italian restaurant in Tarzana, California and named it FABS in honor of the family. The success of the business helped start a trend of popular casual Italian eateries in Los Angeles. Soon afterwards, the family expanded across the city as two brands: FABS and Fabrocini’s.

In 1984 Joe Fabrocini was at a newsstand just south of Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. He looked up from his paper and saw the For Lease sign in the window of what used to be a small retail shop next to an actors theater. It was perfect. The legacy that started in the 1920s behind a pastry shop and Italian deli counter in Hoboken, New Jersey now was reborn into Joe & Vinnie’s long term vision, FABS.

Today, Joe’s son (chef) Roger Fabrocini and grandson Sebastian Sackson are maintaining their family recipes along with the creative passion of a trusted staff. On any given day Joe, Roger and Sebastian are here to welcome you to the table and offer you great service and make your evening memorable. FABS has a real taste of east coast italian comfort food right here in the foothills of Sherman Oaks, with a dedicated wine program, craft beers and a beautiful atmosphere, they desire to give you a beautiful experience for you and your guests as “friends of the FABS family.”