Which one you should choose propane heater

RV Heating Options – PROS & CONS

Our first RV came from the factory with one type of heat is propane. We had two furnaces that kept us warm but they burn through propane pretty quickly so we bought an electric space heater to give us an additional heating option.

When we bought our new RV in 2005 the addition of combination heat pump air-conditioners was a big plus. Since it also came with a furnace we could now heat our entire RV using either electricity or propane, but even with two types of heat available the more options we have the better. Read More »

Penton 300w 51 Inch Light Bar

Why do you need Penton 300w 51 Inch Light Bar?

Penton is the best distributor of Light Bar since 2006. These deliver 5 light bar products through each ALL OF US as well as Aussie warehouses. This Penton 300w 51 Inch Light Bar works well for all time. Products match various producers, however there’s small within their specs to tell apart in between all of them. Primarily, the actual outlines vary through design as well as installation designs. The actual 24 inch LED light bar examined here’s a part of its own A-Series manufacturer product line. It’s the least light bar with this collection that will go so long as 52 inches. Read More »

5 types of ornamental fish

5 types of ornamental fish less need to change water or clean up

The main objective of this article is to: Introduce some aquariums that require little water change or regular tank cleaning, saving you time and energy. While assembling an aquarium, the introduction of the freshwater aquarium plant is suggested; this helps in the natural filtration and keeps the fishes healthy. After setting up your aquarium, the next step (especially for novice beginners enjoying this elegant pleasure) is to choose fish to feed. Among the tips, tips, experience, etc. when choosing to buy fish, certainly select the species which is both lovely and easy to feed but less care, cleaning should be noted first page Is not it? Below are some of the fish species that we recommend to you. Read to choose which baby fish will stick with me the most. Read More »

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How to find a Best Memory Foam Mattress 2017 ?

“Buying a new mattress is not something to be taken lightly, what you might not realise is over the course of your life you are looking at spending around 16 years asleep, which is a lot of time to spend on a mattress that is not suited to your body.” –  Thao Julie said

Over the course of your life you spend around 16 years sleeping

Mattresses are specifically designed in different ways to allow a certain amount of comfort and support, so depending on the needs of the person using them, not every mattress is going to be right for you such as back pain and stomach. There are literally hundreds of different designs made from a whole variety of different materials, so picking out the right one is not always completely straightforward. There are a few ways to make sure you don’t slip into any of the most common pitfalls some people fall foul of. See more at: https://www.communitycounts.us/back-pain/ Read More »

How to Make A Memory Foam Bed

How to Make a Memory Foam Bed

So what do inversion tables have to do with memory foam beds you may be asking? I have decided to make this post on this site because my use of an inversion table to treat my lower back pain was a precursor to my discovery of the benefits of a memory foam bed. Are inversion tables a gimmick or do they really work? In my case yes they certainly did work for my type of back pain – morning back pain caused by a bad mattress.

Lower back pain in middle age can be painful, debilitating and can zap your energy and willpower. There are many frightening medical terms for various types of back ailments. Terms like spinal stenosis, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and bulging disc to name just a few. Likewise there are just as many frightening “suggested” treatments. Treatments such as traction, spinal decompression and of course various surgical solutions as well. Read More »

Salted shredded shrimp provide many kinds of needed nutrition for growth of children

Safety stores to buy salted shredded shrimp for your kids

Do you know salted shredded shrimp? Do you know that this dish also have a huge uses? It can help you stop problem of being fussy of eating of your kids. My kid is 2 years old but still difficult about eating.

I and my husband had found many ways but they did not work. One day, I was at supermarket and met an old friend. She now is a children registered dietician, I had asked her about my kid and got a great answer.

She had suggested a new dish for kids: salted shredded shrimp. Exactly salted shredded shrimp, I had thought it only uses for adult, it is unbelievable. I have search for more information and now sharing for all of you. See at more https://www.s-food.vn/san-pham/ruoc-tom-su-3.html

Read More »

top 10 dishes of south west viet nam

Top 10 famous dishes of South West – Vietnam

Besides referring to the famous tourist attractions, guests come to South West Vietnam will enjoy many delectable flavors. Let’s discover 10 famous dishes of the South west that should not be missed when tourist come here!

Top 10 famous dishes of the South West

  1. Fish Noodles
  2. Tấm rice
  3. Snake head fish porridge
  4. Fish sauce hotpot
  5. Crab hot pot
  6. Fish hot pot with flower
  7. Pancake
  8. Durian cake
  9. Noodles
  10. Souptop 10 dishes of south west viet nam

Fish noodles

This is a popular dish in the West with many different versions: Chau Doc, Kien Giang, Soc Trang… Unlike fish noodle in some part of Vietnam, this dish in South West is made from snakehead fish that live on rivers and fields. It’s truly a harmonious picture between color.

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Tấm rice

Tấm rice is famous mostly in the south of Vietnam with many types, such as: Chinese Tấm rice, Long Xuyen Tấm rice,… Although not special, only with a plate of rice, top with ribs, and a little stirred green onions, add a cup of sauce, so simple but when you enjoy the whole flavors together, new delight taste will surely melted in your mouth.

Snakehead fish porridge

Snakehead fish porridge

This is a feature of the South West River and also a specialty to welcome customers. Snakehead fish porridge is usually divided into two types of porridge: eat with bitter vegetable or spinach vegetable. Snakehead fish after cleaning, boiling, peeling and disposing of the bones, then put on the plate. People usually eat this dish with mushrooms, add bitter vegetables or spinach, broccoli.

Fish sauce hotpot

Fish sauce Hotpot is regarded as typical food and the soul dish of the Southwest. Main ingredients are made from variety fish sauce cooked with coconut water or broth. A spoonful of hot pot, customers will feel the sweet, salty, rich and sweet savors of Chau Doc fish sauce….

Crab Hot pot

This dish is changed in some part of South West with many kinds of ingredient such as shrimp, or crab, vegetables … Whatever changes, it still retains the sweet flavor of field crab. This dish is perfect for hot day.

Fish Hot pot with flower

Fish Hot pot with flower

Fish Hot pot with flower

Although this is a simple food, tourists are attracted by the color and flavor. The yellow color of flower, sweet savor of small fish combine together create a delish hotpot. Take the fish and flower together, deep in special sauce and eat the whole while it’s still hot will give tourists the finest savor of the South.


Fried Pork rice cakes are famous because they combine all the typical foods in the South West. First of all, choose the finest rice, soak overnight for soft, and smash into powder. Use turmeric flour mixed with rice powder to have attractive colors, then add a little coconut milk and eggs for crispy.

Durian cake

Soc Trang durian cakes are not too sweet, nor too fat, can be eaten as snack. Visitors always come here and buy some for a gift. The little cake hidden in it is the rich, unique flavor of the South.


Soup noodles are scented with grilled dry squid, dried shrimp, and fish sauce … Bones, and pork are cut nicely, steamed to soft, eat with the yam noodles which is as small as rice noodle, not too tough but not too soft.


Western soup has many types, such as: pork, crab, shrimp and coconut shrimp.

Soup is a little bit condensed, cooked with rice noodle, top with pork, green onion and some fish sauce. It became familiar with South people many years ago.