Safety stores to buy salted shredded shrimp for your kids

Do you know salted shredded shrimp? Do you know that this dish also have a huge uses? It can help you stop problem of being fussy of eating of your kids. My kid is 2 years old but still difficult about eating.

I and my husband had found many ways but they did not work. One day, I was at supermarket and met an old friend. She now is a children registered dietician, I had asked her about my kid and got a great answer.

She had suggested a new dish for kids: salted shredded shrimp. Exactly salted shredded shrimp, I had thought it only uses for adult, it is unbelievable. I have search for more information and now sharing for all of you. See at more

  1. Nutrition content

Shrimp is one of popular food in our meal. It is good for the elderly, adult and children.  Salted shredded shrimp made from shrimp, it has 42 percent protein, 16 percent lipid, plenty of vitamins like B12, ion, calcium, DHA. This is nutritional rate of salted shredded shrimp of S-food

Salted shredded shrimp provide many kinds of needed nutrition for growth of children.

Salted shredded shrimp provide many kinds of needed nutrition for growth of children


  1. Safety store to buy salted shredded shrimp

Salted shredded shrimp is good but where I can buy a truly good product, delicious, fresh, safety food and healthy

I have search the recipe on the internet and you know, to make salted shredded shrimp at home is not difficult but it takes a little bit time. I have to work, have to take care of my family as the same time, time is really tight so I decided to buy it. I have found a store to buy salted shredded shrimp which is delicious and qualified, only at S-food business.

S-food business has shown me clearly information about nutritional content, choosing input ingredients, manufacturing process, preservation process. These things are not enough to convince me, I phoned to my friend – children registered dietician. She answered that she was using salted shredded shrimp from Immediately, I bought it for my kid.

After a week, my kid has changed, she ate more and more delighted while eating time. I didn’t  have to follow her to entice to act the fool to make she opened her mouth. All members in family are proud of me because I can handle extremely difficult problem of our little princess. I am deeply happy. I hope that you mom can like me, find the right way to help your kids eat well, grow well.


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