It’s worth booking air ticket for tasting this amazing: Snail Noodle Soup

Besides grilled pork vermicelli (bun cha), Hanoi is also famous about snail noodle soup. The snail can be the main ingredient of many dishes itself, it can do a lot of things, so it is the reason why there are various kind of snail noodle. Here, I am glad to introduce 2 types of snail noodle soup, it expressed the differences in climate of Vietnam. They are cold snail noodle soup and Banana-tofu snail soup. So that the reason why you do not hesitate to book a flight at Justfly to taste the spirit of snail soup.

Cold snail noodle soup

Firstly, we can begin with the cold snail noodle soup. In my opinion, this could be the simplest noodles soup in all types of noodle soup, it contained normal noodles, river snails, some kinds of vegetables, and herbs. With these simple ingredients, what makes cold snail noodle soup special? I think that the secret of the cold snail noodle soup is it cooking method.  Not too much chef can make it tasty, only the experienced chef or traditional hanoier have known about it.

Every person in Hanoi could be very impressive about cold snail noodle soup in the past, they will memorize about the poor time. It could be a small stall in the corner of each street, lack of table and chair but full of customer, everyone has to queue to have their meal. Perhaps, the taste of this traditional noodle soup will be never forgotten by old Hanoier. Read Safety stores to buy salted shredded shrimp for your kids

Cold snail noodle soup in the past

Therefore, how to make a bowl of cold snail noodle soup in a right style? It is hard to describe the right method to make cold snail noodle soup, each chef has a secret method to cook it vary to others’ dishes. However, the standard taste of this noodle soup is steamed vermicelli, fatty snails, green fresh vegetable and herb, especially, the snails must be steamed, not too soft, but not too hard. It is vital to choose the right time to take them out. In addition, the spirit of the dish is the broth, the broth must be a mixture of chilly, salty, sweet, sour and fatty taste.

Banana-tofu snail soup

Banana-tofu snail soup

The snail noodle soup above is suitable for summer time, thus, what is the most appropriate option for snail soup lovers? The banana-tofu snail soup is preferred in cold weather. This dish can make food taster feel more warm and a lot of energy which is very necessary in getting survive in winter in Hanoi.

To make a nice tasty and memorable savor for snail soup with banana and tofu, you have to begin preparing ingredients: big edible snails, tofu, pork, bacon, green bananas, turmeric powder, pepper powder, shallot, rice water, and lemon juice. The fresher the ingredients you have, the more delicious you will have.

Let’s start with the snails’ meat, they must be stirred and fried before cooking with green bananas, and tofu, the shallot, bacon, turmeric powder and pepper powder will be added after around 5 minutes. A top tip that banana need to be sliced thinly (but not too thin), the broth will season the banana, pork, snails and stimulate the taste of your dish.

After finishing, your dish will have a quite yellow color, put some herb above and try it with vermicelli or rice, you will feel warmer and unforgettable about dinner time with family. People said that the family dinner is the time for family members gather together, every time I have this dish, I can memorize my childhood. After a long time, it is hard for every family member can spent time together. Thank you visit our blog

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