Top 5 Best Hybrid Mattresses For Heavy People

Heavy people can go with all types of mattresses including hybrid mattress, you can find it at However, the best options should be different from choosing for other types of sleepers. Fabs will help you less confusing with plenty of offers out there, these are top 5 best hybrid mattresses for heavy people.

What you Need to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Hybrid Mattress for Heavy People

Firmness – Firmness for heavy people is a thing that keeps you on top of the surface of the mattress. Depending on each individual’s weight, the firmness level can vary from this one to that one. This means it should be firmer than average firmness.

Edge support – heavy people are those who may need to consider the edge support of a mattress rather than others. Though, hybrid mattresses are generally rated as stronger edges support than memory foam mattresses, this doesn’t mean all hybrid mattresses are the same.

Coil types – the coils used for making the construction of hybrid mattress should be the quality types, which determines sturdy frame, and durability. In addition, the sturdier coils are used, the less motion transfer the mattress provide.Choosing a Hybrid Mattress for Heavy People

Top 5 Best Hybrid Mattresses For Heavy People

With the purpose of helping you easier with buying decision when choosing best hybrid mattresses for heavy people. The collection of following mattresses are all hand-picked. All comes with good deep compression and good firm, which ensures you comfort and support.

Sapira Mattress

Sapira mattress is designed to provide firmer feel than average, which lands at 7 – 7.5 out of 10 scale. This makes it suitable for slightly heavy people and best used for stomach sleepers. If you are a person who weighs about 250 pounds, it is possible a good support but don’t sacrifice the nice softness. Especially, the 1.5 inches of high-density performance foam from the top will be contoured to every curve of your body. Get Coupon with %30 here

However, if you weigh over 250 pounds, you may experience deeper sinkage, which may not provide a good comfort. Along with that, the materials used for making this mattress is fairly responsive and bouncy. Additionally, edge support of this Sapira mattress is fairly good. Even when it is used for heavy sleeper. Aesthetically speaking, the Sapira mattress looks subtly classical, but nice and luxury.

Best Hybrid Mattresses For Heavy People

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid

The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress is designed with 12 inches in thickness and available in medium and firm feel. As for heavy people, the firm model is a better choice. The firmer mattress has 9 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is very closer to the top.

Along with that, the construction of this mattress is built from 3 separate layers, including 3 inches of latex and 7 inches of pocket coils. This combination creates a balanced feel of sinkage, hug and contour. Especially, it can relieve pressure points across your body, making you feel more comfort when sleeping. The most notable is the bounce and responsiveness. This extra bounce comes from latex. In addition, the 12-inche thickness also adds a greater deep compression for the mattress. Lastly, 2″ layer of wool of the cover will add a degree of softness for the mattress.

Saatva Firm mattress

Saatva firm mattress is the ideal mattress for heavy people due to the great firmness. This mattress is designed by using the combination of the multi-layer coil-on-coil system, memory foam, and individually wrapped coils. Along with that, the construction is included a euro-top pillow. With this unique design, Saata provide a pronounced softness, but not a too soft feel. In addition, because Saatva uses high-end foams, making more durable and nicer feel.

What else? The euro-pillow top does add greater durability than traditional pillow top. Moreover, this design has a clean aesthetic look. That means it doesn’t look lumpy, but actually adds a greater cushion and comfort. Along with that, the center section of the pillow top now comes with a tighter quilting pattern, proving more lumbar support. Wondering which real level of firmness this mattress can provide?  It is about 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This helps it suitable larger group of heavy people.

Winkbeds mattress

Winkbeds mattresses are available 3 firmness levels. For the heavy people’s recommendation, the mattress that has 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale is the right mattress. With the regard to the feel of the mattress, the foam layer included the construction does a good job in providing cushion and softness. In addition, this mattress is uniquely designed when it has 5 different layers. They are included foam encased pocketed coils, edge support, lumbar support Layer, pocketed coils, and support foam. This design is fairly unique, which provides a balanced feel for hug, contour and support. The additional feature is its pressure relief.

The notable feature also comes from edge support, it is encased with a high density poly foam. This feature makes it sturdier and stronger. Along with that, the 2 inch pillow top style combination of hypersoft and gel memory foams, it helps sleepers feel greater contour and breathability.

Voila Mattress

Voila mattress fairly stands out in the crowd due to its unique construction, while most hybrid mattresses out there just come with 3 – 4 layers. The total layers of this mattress are included different 11 layers. This unique design aims to promote proper support to adapt to your body’s weight and keep you perfectly aligned.

When you first lie down on the mattress, you can easily feel the softness that comes from the combination of exterior cover, memory foam layers and latex layer. It will contour to your body shape, making your body be well supported. Especially, the memory foams help your body sunk into the mattress, but the latex layer underneath prevents your body stuck and its bouncy feature push you back to the top.

More ideally, the memory foams are infused with cooling gel, which minimizes the cooling feel. Along with that, the exterior cover also adds an extra breathability. Overall, there are many things to talk about this great mattress, which makes Voila mattress worth your money. Buy it now


Choosing a best hybrid mattress for heavy people can be hard for some, but it is no need to make it stressful. With the big hope of providing you a good choices, this review is done. Hopefully, all the mattresses are recommended are helpful.

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