Memory Foam mattress questions answered

How will a memory foam mattress help me?

Because of its astounding properties, memory foam mattresses can reduce back problems, relieve joint aches akin to arthritis and make it easier to sleep longer through decreasing your movement during sleep. Those are just some of the things that memory foam may help with.

How thick is your memory foam mattress?

Our Visco Cloud mattresses consist of two layers. First the base layer consists of 140mm of high-density foam and secondly, the most important layer is the top. This is a 60mm Visco 55kg high-density memory foam which is what your body reacts to, this molds itself to your body.


How big is the mattress when it arrives?

All our memory foam mattresses are roll packed and put into boxes. All size mattresses go into an 1100 x 350 box (see product info) which is made of a heavy high quality recycled cardboard to keep your mattress protected ready for dispatch to your door!

How do I open my new memory foam mattress?

Once you have opened the box, place the mattress on top of the bed it is intended for and removes the packaging. We advise you not to use a Stanley knife to open the packaging but use scissors. This will make sure you do not pierce the packaging and the mattress! The Visco cloud mattress will then start to reform to its original size. This can take just a few minutes but we would recommend that you do not sleep on it for at least 6 hours. In some cases, the mattress can take up to 12 hours to fully form.

Does memory foam smell?

Because foam is fabricated from chemical compounds and packed straight after production in an air tight wrapper, there is a slight smell when the mattresses are first opened. This smell is not risky and disperses after a few hours in a ventilated room.

Do you offer discounts if I buy more than one?

No, but anyone who buys more than four mattresses can qualify for trade discount. Please e-mail us or call us for prices.

Does your foam meet the UK fire regulations?

Yes, all of our products comply with the UK fire regulations. Those less expensive mattresses you can see in the marketplace will not meet those laws, particularly the ones imported from overseas. Unfortunately these days there are lots of companies importing memory foam from the Far East and China. This memory foam is very low high quality and actually would not supply the same qualities as UK manufactured products.

Do I need to turn the mattress over?

No. The memory foam is the top layer and will need to be face up at all times in order for you to get any benefit from it. It is usually recommended that you just rotate the mattress occasionally (to switch the area which receives essentially the most strain).

Is a memory foam mattress hot?

With Thao Julie, is a Sleep Experts said: “Memory foam mattresses are always going to be warmer than a spring mattress. However, we have selected the Coolmax cover which helps regulate your body temperature. Coolmax fabric breathes in a more natural way, keeping body temperature constant and making sure you are cooling you down in the summer and warm in the winter. ”

What are bed bases suitable for a memory foam mattress?

You can use memory foam on any bed base.

Can I take advantage of an electrical blanket?

No, we do not recommend the use of an electric blanket. It will prematurely wear the Visco top layer and invalidate your 5-year warranty.

What is CoolMax & why do I need it on my mattress & pillows?

We have selected a high quality, removable and washable cover for our Visco mattress and pillow. This is made with Coolmax yarn and solves the problem of heat build-up by wicking away moisture which allows your body to regulate temperature. All of this helps with a more comfortable and deeper nights sleep! A CoolMax Mattress and pillow offers a cleaner, healthier sleep environment thanks to its hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties. Our CoolMax® cover is easy to remove and can be machine-washed up to 40 degrees.

Can I wash the Coolmax cover?

Yes, however, we would not recommend washing it on a regular basis just once or twice a year will keep it in tip top condition (max wash at 40 degrees). As most memory mattresses are highly compacted these days for logistic purposes we do not guarantee the zip cover. In some cases, the zip can be damaged when vacuum packed and is not covered under the warranty. You can just use soapy water/detergent to help the removal of stains.

I’ve opened my memory foam mattress but it hasn’t expanded to its full size?

Some memory foam mattresses can take longer than others to reach their full size, usually within 12 hours you are ready to go! Keeping the mattress at room temperature will always speed up the process.

Who delivers your memory foam mattresses and pillows and when will they arrive?

Our products are all dispatched the same day for a next day delivery on all orders placed by 12 pm. Orders placed after 12 pm will be dispatched the following day. We use the largest next day courier in the UK called APC and offer standard next day Delivery Mon-Fri between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm.

What if I miss my delivery?

The Courier (APC) will make two attempts to deliver and will leave a card to notify you when a delivery attempt has been made. If you do not contact the courier after the first attempt to arrange delivery on a different day, they will automatically try again on the following working day. After two failed delivery attempts you will have to collect the item from the courier depot or pay additional redelivery charges. Although the couriers operate an excellent service we cannot guarantee delivery days and will not accept this as a cancellation reason unless the delivery has exceeded a 7 day period.

We ask customers to check items on arrival as you will be asked to sign for them as ‘received in good condition’. Damaged goods can be refused at this point or you can note any issues on the delivery note and contact us before opening the item.

Do you deliver at weekends and can I specify a time of delivery?

Due to the expense of weekend and timed deliveries we only dispatch our items on a standard next day service which will deliver anytime up until 6:00 pm. (However, please call us as nothing is impossible. We have helped out many of our customers on Saturdays but a charge will be made of approximately £10.00 per item.)

Can you ship memory foam mattresses outside the UK & do you charge extra for off shore UK deliveries?

We currently only ship to UK address, and yes the courier does charge extra for offshore deliveries including Northern Ireland. Charges are £35 for a memory foam mattress to Northern Ireland. Other islands may vary, so please contact us in advance of ordering for a price. We are unable to deliver to PO Box or BFPO addresses.

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